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  • CISA Q & A 680 Questions. (2/1/2019)
  • ISC2 CISSP Q & A 1367 Questions. (1/31/2019)
  • CISCO 300-101 Q & A 579 questions. (1/29/2019)
  • CISCO 300-115 Q & A 391 questions. (1/28/2019)
  • CISCO 300-135 Q & A 213 questions. (1/28/2019)
  • Microsoft 70-740 Q & A 165 Questions. (1/24/2019)
  • Microsoft 70-411 Q & A 301 Questions. (1/18/2019)
  • Microsoft 70-333 Q & A 67 Questions. (12/25/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-332 Q & A 97 Questions. (12/19/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-414 Q & A 160 Questions. (12/7/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-764 Q & A 100 Questions. (12/5/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-743 Q & A 134 Questions. (12/3/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-743 Q & A 145 Questions. (11/27/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-765 Q & A 155 Questions. (11/22/2018)
  • EC-Council 312-49 V9 Q & A 517 Questions. (10/30/2018)
  • CWNP CWNA107 Q & A 192 Questions. (10/25/2018)
  • ISC2 CISSP Q & A 1175 Questions. (10/12/2018)
  • ISC CSSLP Q & A 210 Questions. (10/12/2018)
  • ISC GAP Q & A 235 Questions. (10/12/2018)
  • Microsoft 70-461 Q & A 304 Questions. (10/11/2018)
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  1. Q: How to download free demo?
    A: We offer free samples for each product. All our products including
         the samples are of the same high quality. Try it first before you
         decide to buy.
         Click “Open a subject for study” to login to thesaurus surface.
         Select the one you need under “All Taipei Test Thesaurus” in the list
         on the left.Then click “Download Sample”.
         After “Download Success”, check “My Thesaurus Sample
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  2. Q: How to obtain official thesaurus?
    A: You will get a serial number after you purchased a certain thesaurus.
         You have to purchase a certain product on TEST104 website to
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         After running Test104 software, click “Open a subject for study”
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  3. Q: How to use Learning Mode?
    A: Click “Open a subject for study”
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  4. Q: How to use Testing Mode?
    A: Click “Open a subject for self-test”
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  5. Q: How to search for keywords?
    A: Select a thesaurus you have already downloaded and open it.
         Click “Search”, input keywords and begin to search.

  6. Q: How to use TEST104 Test software to download test thesaurus
         via my company’s proxy server?

    A: Test104 Test Software: tools==>Options ==>Network Setting
         to set your proxy server, IP address and port.

Others :

  1. Q: How do I know that there has been an update after purchasing your products?
     A: Check “What’s New” section of our homepage, or here
         You will get a notice of the latest updating information automatically
          every time by running the Test104 Software.
          The updating must be processed online to make sure you will download
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  2. Q: The quality of Test104 products.
    A: The coverage: at least 95%! High accuracy: at least 99%!
         We are one of the best in the industry.
         We collect the latest samples from test centers around the world, and
         also gathered a group of senior professional experts. Therefore, we
         guarantee that our products are always in the best quality. You will
         pass the exam easily with high scores just by memorizing.

  3. Q: Get a preferential price or discount if purchase more then one product?
    A: We offer special price for some products sometimes.
         Use points to purchase our products with discount.
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  4. Q: How to register for an exam or find the test site?
    A: Please check Prometric.com or Vue.com.

  5. Q: What’s the Time Limit for free-update after I purchased your products?
    A: Formula of free-update: 30 + (N - 1) x 15(days).  (N = product quantity).

The frequent questions the examinees asked

How to enroll in Prometric Examination Center?

The introduction to test enrolment methods

In order to make sure  the equity of test,The majority of international identification examinations such as Microsoft,Cisco,Oracle,SUN,Adobe,Intel...provide service by licensing to the third international professional examination service center .At present,there are 2 test service centers among which the main one is Prometric Company which provided more than 200 professional certifications in the global market.the examinees who are going to enroll in it should finish enrolment procedure from Australia within 3 business days, and then go to UCOM Test Center to take the examination at specified date. Through linking Internet test between test centers and prometric Company, the majority of school report cards can be received after the test ends,and your test result will be promptly transmitted to the servers of various headquarters of Australian companies. Once you have passed the speicified courses of each company,you will receive an International certification printed your English name of the original printery and which is sent from worldwide.

There are 3 methods to take part in the test as follows:

1.  Enrolment online

Please visit www.2test.com for enrolment.

2.  Enrolment via fax

Please directly fax the typed enrolment list to Prometric Australia test center via the fax number 0080-161-1191.(This method applies to new examinees,this enrolment list archives can be acquired by uploading from the examination rooms headquarter of UCOM website)

3. Enrolment via telephone

If you are the formal examinees,please dial the free international registered number of Australia :0080-161-1141 or 0080-161-1142 to enroll  in Prometric Australian Test Center,it will be answered in Chinese.

          (Service time:7:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday Taiwan time)

How do I register for an exam at Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE* offers three different methods of registration. You can use the Pearson VUE Web site, call a Pearson VUE agent, or contact the test center directly.

To register for an exam, please Sign In to your account using your Pearson VUE username and password.
Please note that you will need to create a Web account prior to using our Web site for the first time. If you do
not have a username and password, and would like to get one, please create a Web account now.

Another way to register for an exam is to contact a Pearson VUE agent directly.

The final option is to call or visit the test center directly. To locate the address and telephone number of your
test center, visit our Test Center Locator.

How to create an account?

How to book a test and pay?